2010 Renault CLIO R26 Track day car (road legal)

2010 Renault Clio RS.

As you can see this car is far from standard and bares little resemblance both ascetically and mechanically from the Clio it was when it was new. The work that has been carried out on this car is incredibly extensive and done to a very high standard.
It sits on SPAX fully adjustable coilovers and its geometry and castor / camber settings are set to be the same as a Clio Michelin series cup car, this car handles fantastically on track, no hints of understeer and it has phenomenal levels of grip due to its suspension set up, suspension top mounts and Advan AD08 road legal track tyres.

The engine has been swapped for the turbo powered unit form a Megane R26, it has also been reworked by Beanie Sport (who carried out the conversion) and by RS Tuning, it has larger 630cc injectors, and aftermarket oil cooler, Ram-Air air intakes as well as an ECU remap and a carbon fibre air intake on the bonnet to feed cold air directly to the motor, this car now produces an astonishing 300 BHP which is easily transferred to the road or track through the cars R26 LSD and an R26-R clutch and flywheel.
This car also benefits from a £1,000 CAE gear shifter and short shift linkages.

Fitted with wrap around bucket seats and 4 point harness’s and a roll cage as well as having everything stripped out to save weight this cars sole purpose is to put a smile on your face and to surprise some “faster cars” on track days.

Fitted with genuine cup racer magnesium wheels, upgraded Carbon lorraine pads and K-Tec racing discs it is clear to see that this cars stright line speed takes second priority to overall laptimes.

Not only is this car very capable on track and will probably stand out enough when people see it giving Nissan GT-R’s a hard time but it it has had racing livery applied in homage to the legendary Martini racing cars both past and present, then a carbon fibre rear wing, roof scoop and sun strips on both front and rear screens really finish its look off nicely.

Manufacture Year 2010
No. of Gears 6
Drive Type Front Wheel Drive
Fuel Type Unleaded Petrol
Body Type Hatchback
No. of Cylinders 4 Cylinders
No. of Doors 3 door
Transmission Type Manual
Engine Type Piston In-Line Engine
Engine Capacity 2.0
VIN/Chassis Number
Mileage Miles
Exterior Color White
Interior Color Black / White
Registerarion Plate Number
Vehicle Registration Number
Car Make
Car Year
Price £

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